Defying the Wounds of Past

A person’s life is abundant in positive as well as negative things,

Be it issues, incidents, experiences, people and the list goes on and on.

Probably that’s how life is, full of adventure and fun

But there come certain incidents that shook us from head to toe.

Later we ask “Was it our judgmental error or someone else was responsible?”

Feeling of guilt inculcates more when we realize that it was our judgmental error,

that lead to the beginning of unprecedented turmoil and consequences

An error which becomes so difficult to even forgive ourselves 

But till the time we realize, a lot of time had already gone

The fact that that time zone will never come back,

probably months or years just eats our heart away

They say to forget move on but with what?

What do we have in life left to move on, other than a blank head?

Probably that’s the feeling that makes the heart tears apart.

A war lost without firing a single bullet, with no experience to face future battles.

Mind says, ”Ok let’s start fresh.”

So we start with a new beginning

Some way or the other consequences of that past comes and haunts our lives

Making it difficult to breathe in and think logically.

Mistakes, blunders keeping following along with their deadly consequences

Life comes to a condition of stalemate.

Life is a theatre and us as characters are watched by the world

 People are least bothered regarding anything; they just want entertainment as the audience.

Trying to explain to them about us is an act of utmost foolishness, many a time simply backfires.

Making us think why we ever tried to tell.

And in that thought, many plans and ideas either remain unexecuted or simply die out.

Well honestly words don’t defy the wounds of past, but actions do.

Because at the end the day what matters is what we do

And that we and our loved ones are happy or not.

2 thoughts on “Defying the Wounds of Past

  1. I’ve been experimenting with leaning into the bad memory rather than pushing it away and trying to tamp it down. By trying to observe it, process it, without getting caught up in it, I’ve been surprised at what I’ve discovered. So far it has been a scary, but positive experiment. Good luck to you!

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  2. Yes.. Its true.. 😶

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