Equilibrium theory

It seems amazing to notice how our thoughts and understanding for a particular thing, say a general concept in any field, change gradually by acquiring definitive knowledge in that field. With time the perception would change to such an extent that we often utter to ourselves, “Oh, my thoughts were so kiddish during my childhood.” Here is a story of such a change of perception.
During my childhood, honestly speaking, I had a great fear of electricity and the sums related to them. The confusion was only because I didn’t understand what exactly current and voltage was. I didn’t dare to trouble my teachers much as it was quite basic and silly. And they might even lose their patience on me. I needed an understanding beyond the conventional definition of current, “Current flows in the opposite direction of electron flow” But why would it happen in that fashion? Why would current flow in the opposite direction of electron flow? Why does the current flow anode to cathode? Why not the other way round?
My questions may seem rebellious or silly most of the times but, I believe that there is a reason behind everything in the Universe. The only thing is you need to put in the effort to find it with justification. So I approached one of my best friends to help me out in understanding those basic terms. He gave me a beautiful overview of those concepts by a simple diagram which was quite easy to understand.
There are two plastic or glass bottles connected with a pipe. Initially, one bottle is filled with water and the other one is left empty. Now let’s open the pipe and let the water flow. This would lead to an increase in the water level of the empty bottle and a decrease in the filled bottle. This is the gradient or potential difference, according to electricity. In other terms, it also signifies a pressure gradient, temperature gradient, concentration gradient. And when this gradient becomes zero, then there is no flow of current. Hence current is not only found in electricity but is one of the fundamental phenomenons in nature.
Once I remember asking one of my teachers, “Why current flows from the positive end to the negative end?” The teacher replied that it’s the convention. Initially, scientists found it quite difficult to tackle many factors, parameters, and variables, etc. So they decided to standardize certain things in the form of assumptions. It’s good to do so but that does not stop me to question those standardized assumptions and conventions.
In an electric current system during a potential difference, current tends to flow from higher potential to lower potential. Why? Let’s go the other way round in that bottle experiment. The water flows from a higher water level to a lower water level just to fill up this void and reach a state of equilibrium. Indeed, every object in the universe does not want to be excited rather they prefer to come to a state of equilibrium, hence energy is conserved. Similar things happen in all systems in the universe.
In other words, we can say that as there is a potential difference in the system, a current will flow. The reason is, to bring it back into a state of equilibrium. This can fit into the gradient related concept on the universe. Now you may ask, what is its relevance with anode and cathode? We all know that electrons have a negative charge; protons endure positive charge and neutrons remain neutral. Therefore what happens is that some electron would flow out creating a potential difference in the system. Now to compensate that loss of charge and maintain electrical equilibrium, positively charged ions are released. This is what is current and it would keep on flowing until and unless the system reaches a state of neutrality.
This concept of current and equilibrium is not only restricted to science but also implies in many other areas. Evolution, adaptation and even revolution seem quite similar to the concept of movement of current. Whenever there is a potential difference of power, wealth, food, territory etc; a revolution begins to bring back equilibrium in the society. And this may lead to war or any other form of conflict.

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