World at War

Inspired by Charlie Chaplin movie: The Great Dictator (1940)

Many years from now during prehistoric times man lived in fear.

Fear of insecurity, a fear to protect his loved ones.

Though abide by the fact that we still live with that fear in one way or the other.

But it was the fear of being the weakest among all.

Other species had sharp claws and teeth but he had nothing much.

What he had, an ability to think and innovate.

Then he discovered something extraordinary, fire.

He made tools that later transformed into weapons.

So from then started the Age of Armaments.

Initiation of age when taking lives, loot and conquering became his passion and honour.

An Age that never ended lead to the extent of brutality and misery.

The more he became self-sufficient, modern and so-called civilized;

 The more he became ferocious, merciless and the most dangerous creature God ever created.

When mankind was at its height of success he became desperate to prove himself superior above all.

To all nations, civilizations, dynasties, everybody, even God.

It was an era when he treated other men like slaves and animals,

Don’t know what pleasure and happiness he had in taking away their freedom.

Dragging them in shackles and torturing to death by hunger and poverty.

Insanity had cut loose, liberty took a nosedive and humanity was kicked around.

Our Earth has room for everyone, rich and poor, black and white, strong and weak.

But greed for more has poisoned man’s soul and surrounded by hatred.

His cleverness and intelligence made him selfish and intolerable to other’s happiness.

Loyal soldiers fight and give their lives for their country with pride.

But they follow orders of those greedy kings and rulers who have bitterness in their hearts, who fear human progress.

They, being humans, take lives uncounted insulting Humanity and brotherhood.

The way of life can be free and beautiful if we live in unity and harmony.

Man gained knowledge, advanced in science and technology, but what about humanity

What’s the use of technology if not for the welfare rather using in destruction.

History is the witness.

Man thinks too much and feels too little.

Narrow mindedness will lead to no good but bitterness, misery and destruction.

More than sharp brains we need kindness and gentleness in our hearts.

Forgetting and forgiving all the disputes of the past we must be helpful to one another as human beings.

Let us attempt to make this world a better place to live in for all.

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