Just a year after Bhagat Singh’s Assembly bombings in 1929 another incident, on 8th of Dec 1930 in Kolkata, shook the British Raj from the very core. It was a chilly Monday morning when Writer’s Building, Secretariat of Government of Bengal, echoed with gunfire. An officer shouted,” Somebody call the Police Headquarters. 3 guys murdered Colonel Simpson. “ There was a scene of utter chaos and confusion. Those 3 young men were none other than great revolutionaries Binoy Bose, Badal Gupta, and Dinesh Gupta; being members of Bengal Volunteers, organized by Subhash Chandra Bose in 1928. They entered the premises in European attire with loaded revolvers. Mission was to murder Colonel Simpson Inspector, General of Police(Prisons), who was infamous for inflicting the worst of atrocities on the inmates of the jails. Not only murder but to also strike terror in the hearts of tyrant British officials.
The ruthless Police Commissioner, Sir Charles Tegart, was promptly informed about the situation. In disbelieve, he fumed,” You want me to believe that Writer’s Building, one of the fortresses of British administration and Imperial power in India, is under attack that too by 3 guys. How dare they? What the hell is going on? Where is the security?” Within minutes a huge police force arrived from the Headquarters in Lal Bazar, lead by Commissioner Tegart. Furious Tegart ordered,” I just want them dead or alive.” Hence what followed was recorded in Indian history as “Corridor Warfare.” Just 3 Bengali men versus an entire police force. Though they were largely outnumbered their hands never trembled in front of the British might. The entire corridor of the 2nd floor echoed with their shooting. Even death might have been stunned by their fearlessness. Many officers got shot or injured. Finally when bullets got over, in order not to surrender they swallowed in Potassium Cyanide tablets. In the process, Badal Gupta died instantly, whereas the other two vomited. Hence both shot themselves on the head. Both were rushed to the hospital. After the return of consciousness Binoy, being a medical student, scratched his wound to make it septic, hence died eventually. Dinesh was tried on trial and later hanged.
Well once again jewel sons of India laid their lives during the Indian freedom struggle, but why? What did these freedom fighters aim to achieve? What was that dream they were chasing after with such extreme sacrifices?
Well, it was none other than free and independent India. They didn’t sacrifice everything just to fight and kill Britishers. They fought for the right to freedom, freedom from slavery, equal rights for everyone, no discrimination on any grounds like religion, sex, caste creed, etc. They fought for those who were oppressed. Overall it was a different level altruism to inspire people and give them a reason for hope.Today India is an independent democratic country. With a 5th largest economy, no doubt one the world leaders, but do her citizens feel free in the society?
Many of our children who just begin to explore the world are forced to study and pursue a career what their parents, family, societies instruct. Studies are considered as something that other than studies everything is useless. An outdated education system with outdated syllabus may provide a student with a desired degree or job but passion and efficiency might not develop at all which would badly affect the next generation. In frustration every year many students commit suicide unable to bear this pressure. During birth, if it’s a boy it is ok but if it’s a girl then it becomes a huge problem for many. Well, this medieval mentality of patriarchy leads to increasing crime against women be it foeticide, infanticide, rape, murder and other means of female oppression. She is questioned on her right to study, right to pursue a career, right to hangout, right to wear anything, right to love, right to marry anyone and the list seems endless. Even the minorities face unbearable discrimination of various grounds leading to the increased gap of privileged and unprivileged.
Ultimately we end up doing things which we are asked to do by others not what our hearts want. This is not freedom. This is not being independent. So a question arises; are we, as Indians, really free from inside or still surrounded by invisible shackles of imprisonment??
The reason which I feel is a mentality of fear of experimentation, a fear that only safe options exist and others are not existent. Hence, we stick to what we know or our forefathers have told us with years of experience without a question. If something was taboo that remained as taboo even in today’s world. Anything new or contrary to previously fed beliefs is completely ruled out. I understand India has suffered slavery and oppression for more than 1000 years. Colonization and tyrant governance make people more religious centric and deadly superstitions tend to emerge out of nowhere. But Voltaire once rightly said,” Man is free at the moment he wishes to be. ”
Binoy, Badal, and Dinesh were free men because they were free from inside and didn’t owe allegiance to the Majesty. The day we win over our fear and insecurities possibly that day we would achieve freedom in every true sense and make a better society to live in.

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