The Parcel (Part 1)

The sun had risen in the east and a ray of sunlight with mild intensity entered Sanshit’s hostel room. One could very well notice the path of the light by illuminated dust particles floating in the air. But Sanchit was still snoring till now; he may be lost in his dream and not willing to wake up. Every time his alarm rang on his cell phone with a deafening tone, his hands stretched to out with closed eyes. Then he put it on snooze mode and went to sleep again digging it under his pillow. This went on for another half an hour. His dream seemed never-ending with a smile on his face. After a while, he realized someone pushing him, “Dude get up.” He rolled to another end of his bed. It was his roommate Vinayak. He pushed him with a jerk. After rolling from one end of the bed to another, his eyes split open slightly and hands searching for his cell phone to see the time. He sprang up, “Oh Shit! I am already late. Only 20 minutes left to reach the class. Why didn’t you make me early Vinayak? “Man, you were lost in your dreams”, Vinayak joked. While rubbing his eyes, Sanchit said, “Hey please wait for me. I will freshen up and get ready in 10 minutes. We will leave for the class together.” Vinayak agreed for his friend with a smile.
Both got ready and were about to leave when Sanchit realized he forgot something. Without fail, he rechecked his cupboard and found that thing. A parcel neatly wrapped with a bright and sparkling purple wrapping paper. It was a parcel which was supposed to be sent to a distant friend by this afternoon. It was for his childhood friend Izza on her birthday. It was special for both of them.
2 weeks ago.
One evening on a phone call Sanchit enthusiastically, “Hey you know today I read a nice book.”, Izza asked,” Oh! Which author? Indian or some foreign?” He replied,” Well he is your favourite one.” “Really!!”, Izza exclaimed in joy. She blabbered about his favourite author for the next 10 minutes on the call thinking the person on the other end of the line was a wall and not a human being. After a while, she realized that she was the only one talking hence asked,” Hey dear what happened? I guess you were telling me something about the book.” “My dear will you let me speak?”, he chuckled. She smiled and made faces in herself,” Ok now you speak and I will listen to you patiently. Which book did you read and how was it?” He replied, “The book is awesome and offbeat from his other novels. You know it’s a refreshingly unconventional take on friendship and the story exactly resembles how our friendship began. Though it’s a different issue than in the book it turned romantic.” “Then please tell me the name of the book”, she said. He chuckled,” No that’s a secret. You will come to know later.” “Why?” she asked being astonished. No please tell me the name of the book now. I can’t wait any longer. I am excited to read and yeah don’t tell me the story ok. Please tell me please please please.” He calmed her, “No dear Izza, it’s because I want to gift you that book on your birthday as a token of our friendship.” “Oh Really! That’s so sweet of you dear.”, she smiled. He said, “So I would be needing your postal address.” “Yeah sure. I will send it to you by tomorrow.”, she replied promptly. Both smiled as if in love, talked for a while and then went asleep.
After he got over with his classes in the afternoon he rushed to the post office just behind his college, say 5 minutes walk. He had never sent any parcel before so it was his first time. At the counter, he wrote all the necessary details on the parcel precisely including her full complete college address, postal code, and her mobile number. He applied for Speed Post as Izza’s birthday was just 3 days away. There was no harm if it reached in advance. There was this man, with a big moustache, on the computer who took the parcel and fed the details on his computer. Then a shrieking noise came out of the printing machine and handed over the receipt to Sanchit.
He felt a state of content while coming back to his hostel. His mind got reminded of all that happened in the last 24 hours. Last evening he went to a stationary shop. He bought a bright sparkling wrapping paper. It was glamorous and stylish to look at. Then he bought a sweet birthday card with good wishes written in it and popping out when opened. He remembered how he packed the parcel with great care for Izza. He also sprayed his refreshing deodorant while wrapping it close so that she feels delighted when she unpacks it. And yes, the colourful proposal letter to take their friendship to the next level. All these things were running through his mind like a flashback. As soon as he entered his hostel premises his phone rang. He quickly took it out of his pocket. It was Izza calling.

Did the parcel reach its destination or something else awaits??
Stay tuned!!

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