The New Year

The sun was just a little above the horizon.

And the sky was clear with few clouds scattered here and there.

I went to the verandah to watch the sun slowly going down.

As it went down, it’s burning light slowly got dull.

The sun’s red light was mingling with the light blue colour of the sky.

It seemed as if someone had painted the sky with beautiful shades all over.

It felt mesmerizing as the sun went down saying goodbye to us all.

And gradually it turned dark.

It was the evening of 31st December.

So again another year had come to an end but what was so special about it.

This same thing happened last year also and the years before that.

I became thoughtful for a while.

All those things that happened all over the year were coming in front of my eyes like a flashback.

We usually meet so many people in our lives.

Some make it joyful and worth living, but some give pain and distress.

At times, we have many good friends, find nice people to talk to and have great memories.

But at times we tend to loose many of them also, with no idea whose fault it is. 

There might prevail some sort of misunderstanding.

There are people to whom we came to be known and become compatible with,

Also, there are people to whom we remain mysterious or in some sense judged as rude. 

As we know the Joker once said: 

‘Its all part of the plan’

As the year has come to its finish line we presume to feel,

Many things remained unsaid, many things remained undone,

Many things remained unnoticed, many things remained inexperienced for all of us.

But life does not stop, it goes on and on.

As we enter the new year we get a chance to start fresh, to achieve the impossible,

to love with no constraints, to live life to the fullest.

Afterall, its a new notebook ready to be filled from the scratch,

with 365 pages whose fresh smell has an enchanting effect.

So with new hope, zeal, and determination, we all step into the New Year.

Happy New Year!!! 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

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