My Dear Ma
Today is Mother’s day
There may be many things I might not have realized how important you were to me.
When I was there with you back home, maybe I might have taken you for granted, that nobody could ever take you away from me.
Ma today I miss those moments with you, each one of them.
I miss your scolding, your love, affection, and care, your dedication without any hope of return in favor.
I miss those days when your face was the first thing I saw every morning I woke up,
And that glittering smile, when I used to come back from school, though you were completely exhausted taking care of the home all day.
I miss the way you tried to defend when dad used to scold me, even though I was really wrong, and advise me in isolation where I went wrong, so that I may never repeat it again.
But this is a very funny world we live in, a world of cruelty and injustice and mercilessness.
Sometimes when I go wrong the outside world would simply laugh over and enjoy, least cared of anything else.

When the heart weeps from inside it is expected to not let tears roll down the cheek
I miss your Aanchal to wipe them off.
Sometimes when loneliness strikes down, you are my only friend in those hours.
You have been so good to me, but I feel the guilt that many times I let you down because of me.
At times my words or actions make you feel low when I fail to live upto your expectations.
I may be an atheist because I believe you are my God.
That’s why Ma I love you so much and miss you every moment I am away from you.
Your teaching, motivation, and support have brought me where I am now.
Thank you, Ma for everything.
Happy Mother’s Day

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